Hug-A-Bub wrap carrier

I’d heard a lot of good things about the Hug-A-Bub babywearing moby wrap. In fact, somewhere or other it was listed as being the best baby carrier in Australia. It’s touted as being the best for baby’s back, while offering close contact between bub and babywearer. This all sounded good, so I decided to give it a go. We loaded up our newborn and took a raccoon-eyed trip down to Baby Bunting to buy a wrap. They were running out of stock at the time, so we ended up with the slightly cheaper pocketless wrap, which they don’t seem to have anymore.

Sean was happy to try it out, and was quite pleased to walk down to his favourite cafe and get his latte with Amelia strapped to his chest. The staff there were overwhelmed by cuteness.

We tried using it out and about in the early days, but it was a little awkward, and wrapping the thing around your body without getting it all dirty on the ground is nigh on impossible. You need to have it on before you head out, which doesn’t leave much room for adjustments if you’ve set it up wrong. Thus, the pram was favoured over the wrap for outings.

Around the house, it took me a little while to get into the idea – out of sight, out of mind, it would stay hanging off the coat stand, while I tried my best to get housework done and placate a baby who really just wanted (and still wants) to be held at least most of the time. The baby swing worked for the first few weeks, but after that it got a little trickier.

So eventually I remembered the wrap, and out it came. I carefully arranged it according to the instructions on the DVD, placed my baby inside, and went about my business. At first it felt comfortable and good, but about half an hour later the whole thing would start to come loose and poor Milly would end up with her face around my belly-button and her body squashed up like a pretzel. It seems that you need to allow for the crossed part of the fabric, where baby’s bum goes, to really settle and scootch down.

Today I did it up higher than ever before. Sure enough, I was able to wear it for about 45 minutes without it moving as I bent up and down and moved about doing housework. However it was quit uncomfortable, putting strain on the middle of my back. I’m not sure if there’s just something I’m doing wrong – everyone seems to say how comfy it is – or what, but I’ve become keenly interested in backpack-style carriers, particularly the Manduca, which transfers the weight to the hips rather than the back. I’d love to find a local baby carrier library where I can try out some different options and see what works for us. If I can get motivated and actually do that soon, I’ll report back here with the results!


4 thoughts on “Hug-A-Bub wrap carrier

  1. I definitely don’t think that the HAB is the best carrier in Australia! I agree that it gets loose very quickly, and can’t be worn for long periods of time. I gave my HAB away. For a stretchy wrap I highly recommend the Close Caboo, which is similar to the HAB but can be worn for hours without loosening, is quicker and easier to put on and lasts for heavier babies than the HAB. Overall the best carrier I have is my woven wrap, but if you didn’t like to wrap your HAB then you wont like that either! For soft structured carriers manducas get good reviews, as does the tula which I love. Definitely get along to your local sling meet and try some carriers before spending the money though! And check out the Babywearing Buy Sell Swap group on facebook for cheaper secondhand options πŸ™‚


  2. ive got both a hugabub (but it’s called a sleepy wrap from before they changed the name). And also a Manduca. I live in qld and find it already too warm to wear the hugabub. Lily is 6 weeks now and I’ve been wearing her in both (while doing housework etc) since we brought her home. I’m leaning towards the manduca due to the ease of putting it on and heat factor. I prefer to wear my manduca with the straps crossed on the back though as I find it more comfortable.


    • I’ve been wondering about the heat factor as we head into summer, especially as Milly is such a hot bod. Thats a handy tip re the strsps, I’ll keep that in mind if i manage to get my hands on the manduca πŸ™‚


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