It started with a bit of lethargy during the day. Then, late that night, a fever – nothing drastic, it was 37.8. A dose of infant Panadol brought it down. Then it went up again the next day, and hit 38.7. More Panadol, and a visit to the GP, who declared it a virus and said no special treatment was required. At this point she was still happy, still playing. Yesterday she was more tired, but still played during the day – she just had more naps.

Today the fever has not got so high – 37.6 on waking – but she has been quite unhappy. She didn’t play this morning, but fed and cried and snuggled in with me. Now she is swaddled up tight (for the first time in weeks) and sleeping soundly. Hopefully this virus will pass quickly and my little cherub can go back to enjoying life!