Sleep victory!

It’s nearly 1:30pm. She’s been up since 10am. Her eyes are red; she’s squirming and grizzling on my lap. At a week shy of six months old, she still needs regular daytime naps, but lately she’s been resisting sleep for hours at a time. The unfortunate result is a chronically-overtired, unhappy baby and a stressed-out mama who can’t get anything done. Today, I decide, things are going to change.

I take her to her cot, and slip her into her sleep suit. I shut the curtains and, following Mum’s advice, grab a toy (a pink hippo) with a music box installed. I pull the tail/drawstring and “It’s a small world” tinkles out. The plan is to play this every time I put her to sleep, by way of a nap-time ‘cue,’ since we have such an irregular schedule that a timed routine would be useless, and even using her cot as a cue wouldn’t be helpful as we are often out and about.

She rolls onto her side and I put my arm across her body to stop her rolling over (the result of this would be that she’d drop her dummy and start wailing). I stroke her back with my thumb while bracing her body with my hand and arm. I can just see her eyelashes, showing me if she’s still awake. For several minutes I kneel there, arm across her body, pulling the string on the hippo when it stops.

Then finally – success! She’s peacefully snoozing. I ease my hand away from her body and slowly stand up, backing away quietly lest I make a sudden noise and wake her. The next challenge has begun: making sure she sleeps long enough. Forty-five minutes later I hear the first peals of crying; she’s awake but not ready to get up. I resolve to leave her in her bed, and repeat the same process as earlier with the hippo and the arm across her body. It takes some time – she plays with the hippo and squirms and pulls her dummy out – and I almost give in, but eventually she drifts off again. So now, here I sit, blogging and eating lunch, and feeling well pleased with myself for sticking it out and making sure Miss Amelia gets her beauty sleep!

Sweet dreams, kiddo! (This is from a different day – no way I’m going into that room now to get a photo!)



Five months old and counting! At 7kg, and back up on the 90th percentile for length after dipping down to the 50th, my little baby isn’t so little anymore.


Four days ago Miss Amelia decided to make nightly dinner of mushed veg a regular habit – after breastfeeding she began to grizzle and complain until the food came out. She already associates spoons with food!


Favourite activities include: standing up with assistance, squealing, giggling, giving big sloppy kisses, chatting up strangers, exploring toys and attempting to crawl (although this last one brings much frustration!).

Happy new year!!