Welcome to the world, Jordan!


On 8th November 2016, at 5:18 am, we welcomed little Jordan Nicholas into the world. Our chubby little man weighed in at 3994 grams (8 pounds 13 ounces) and was 48 centimetres long (19 inches).

Delivery was quick – four minutes of pushing, five hours total of labour – and the result was that Jordan’s lungs didn’t get squeezed out adequately. He struggled to breathe well, and was whisked off to the special care nursery before I’d even had a chance to try breastfeeding him. I only held him for a couple of minutes and then he was gone. Sean went with him; the nurses left, and I was alone. It was an odd feeling: too exhausted to feel sad, I lay there and drifted off for a bit and felt glad for a little rest. Before being escorted to my room I got to enjoy some breakfast (if ‘enjoy’ is the right word to describe the experience of soggy toast, cornflakes and a lukewarm tea) and a hot shower.

Jordan spent two days in the isolette crib, a further day being monitored in a regular crib in special care, and the last night he came into my room. The next day we were discharged. We went back when he was a week old as he was breathing fast and groaning like he had in special care, but after running a gamut of tests and observing him overnight, the paediatricians concluded that “he just breathes fast.” He is a wonderfully healthy baby, and extraordinarily content – he only cries for food, and even then it’s neither particularly loud nor protracted, and he gives ample time to feed him before he gets to the crying stage by spending a few minutes quietly grunting and looking around. He is quite the darling.

I felt prompted by this major life change to end my two-year blogging hiatus. Miss Amelia is now two years and four months old; Jordan is two weeks and a day. Between the two there’s so much to think and talk about! Already I’m finding so many differences between the experience of each newborn. Some of my views and opinions have changed; others have been solidified. I find I’m learning almost as much as Amelia as I grow to understand each age and stage along with her; there are always new challenges to overcome and opportunities to take advantage of. Our second child is a whole new experiment: how will he go fitting in around his sister, and vice versa? How will this family dynamic shape his world and his personality?

This blog is a chance to pause and reflect on some of these things, and preserve it for later, when I come out of the fog of early parenthood fatigue with only a handful of blurry memories. If you’d like to join along for the ride, then welcome and I hope you enjoy reading my reflections!


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