Newborn Wardrobe

This is my list of newborn wardrobe essentials. An average newborn will fit 0000 size clothing, but it’s a good idea to have a couple of outfits either side to be safe.


  • 2 x newborn hats
  • 2 x socks
  • 2 x blankets/wraps*

00000 (tiny baby)

  • 2 x singlets**
  • 2 x bodysuits

0000 (newborn)

  • 3 x singlets
  • 10 x bodysuits
  • 2 x jumpers/cardigans/jackets***

000 (0-3 months)

  • 2 x singlets
  • 4 x bodysuits

*I wrap my winter baby in thin polar fleece blankets; muslin wraps are also very popular, and would particularly suit a summer baby.

** You can get regular singlets, or jumpsuit style singlets with press-stud buttons to fasten it around the nappy. I tend to use traditional singlets under short-sleeved bodysuits, and button-up singlets under long-sleeved suits.

*** These tend to be quite roomy; 000 jackets are, frankly, enormous. It would take a very, very big newborn to fit a 000!