Terry Towelling Nappies

A mother-friend of mine gave me my first bunch of terry towelling nappies. Of course, we had no plans to use them as nappies – these days, terrycloth finds more use as a spew rag. With a collection of about 5 of these, I thought I was set. Later Mum bought another couple of packets, and I took them but secretly thought we were now overdoing it. How wrong I was! Within a couple of weeks I found myself in Baby Bunting picking up another packet of 12 because we just didn’t have enough to keep up. Now, with our collection of 30-40, we can get away with doing a terry towel load once or twice a week. As it turns out, terry towels are very handy things!

  • Spew rags – for burping
  • Feeding rags – tuck into your bra while breastfeeding if your bub likes to make a mess
  • Put a towel onto baby’s play mat or cot if they’re prone to vomiting while playing (my reflux baby is always spewing up!)
2014-09-04 16.00.02

A towel in the change mat for going out means baby doesn’t have to suffer being changed on a cold surface, and makes clean-up easier if bub decides to spew, poo or pee in the middle of the change!

2014-09-04 16.00.43

About 1/3 of my collection – you can never have too many!

2014-09-04 16.01.18

Like with the change mat, a towel on the change table protects against the cold plastic and makes it easier to clean up – just throw the towel in the wash when it gets dirty, and give the table a quick wipe!